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Cleanse Your Colon

11 Nov 2008
11/11/2008 The Star

GOOD skin, health, energy and vitality owe more to clean, property functioning bowels than you may be aware of. When the colon in your body is clogged by waste, your body is less able to absorb the nutrients you eat and toxins build up in the body so your health suffers.

People throughout the world are experiencing an increase in their body's exposure to toxins from their unhealthy diet, drug use, pesticides, food additives and preservatives, water pollution, heavy metals and others.

Symptoms of a sluggish colon includes lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain, headache or insomnia, stiffness or muscle weakness, frequent tired, fatigue or sluggishness, immune weakness, suffer anxiety, depressed or confused, hard and dry stool, constipation or piles and digestive problem such as stomach bloated, and flatulence.

FibreCleanse is a unique proprietary blend of different high quality soluble and insoluble fibersm chlorophyll, enzymes and a synergistic blend of beneficial microflora (probiotics). It is a special US formulated product to cleanse the colon of toxins and promote healthy digestion and elimination. It comprises:

1) Fibres: with soluble and insoluble fibres to improve elimination and flush out toxins and waste.

It contains both soluble and infoluble fibres. The soluble fibres form a gel in the gastrointestinal tract by absorbing water. This gel-like bulk is useful in increasing the bulk, easing the bowel movement, soaking up toxins and residues preventing the body from absorbing them and loosening plaques build-up at the colon walls for easier elimination.

2) Probiotics: to promote colon hygiene and fight harmful bacteria

FibreCleanse contains a unique combination of several types of complementary friendly bacteria, L-Acidophilus, L-Bulgaricus, S-Thermoplilus and B-Bifidum. These bacteria help to maintain proper colon acid/alkaline balance, promote proper colon hygiene and ecology, while fighting off virus, yeast and harmful bacteria from the intestinal tract.

3) Enzymes: to break down food and ensure smooth passage in the intestine

Digestive enzymes assist in the digestion of food. FibreCleanse contains natural source plant enzymes from a unique blend of 30 over fruits and vegetables concentrates that aid food digestion. These enzymes increase the body's ability to break down food, ensure smooth passage of food in the intestine and promote routine elimination.

4) Chlorophyll: cleanses and flushes out heavy metal toxins to purify the intestinal tract

FibreCleanse contains rich chlorophyll, which have great cleansing and detoxifying properties. Chlorophyll supports the detoxification and purification of the colon.

Aluminium cooking utensils are becoming increasingly popular and the exposure to aluminium toxicity is heightened, chlorophyll will also help to absorb toxic metals, especially aluminium, and help to flush them from the body.

FibreCleanse contains no preservatives, sugar, starches, yeast, artificial flavouring and colouring agent and it is suitable for vegetarians. A delicious health drink that only requires one sachet (10g) a day for optimal colon health.

For details, call the customer CARE-line at 1800-880-care (2273) or 03-61577288. Alternatively, visit
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