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For Healthy Blood Circulation

30 Jul 2009
30/07/09 The Star

Times have changed. In today's fast-paced lifestyle that includes the consump­tion of highly processed food, it is not surprising that people are prone to be overweight and out of shape. Too many of us smoke and drink and we are under too much stress and we don't get enough exercise.
We take in too many calories, bad fat, refined carbohydrates and too many toxin-filled, over-heated or radiated foods. As a result, our blood can become acidic. When the blood is acidic, red blood cells get caught up with one another. Such cells are likely to clog up the capillaries and affect blood circulation as well as the transfer of oxygen and nutrients. This can cause a decline in physical strength and health.
Benefits of Phyto-enzyme
Phyto-enzymes are said to "puri­fy" blood. It helps to breakdown the surplus of cholesterol and sugar level in the blood, disintegrates metabolic waste in blood, improve blood viscosity, transfer oxygen and nutrients to all cells more effectively, accelerate metab­olism and maintain blood in low alkaline levels.
The Japanese have been leading the world in consuming phyto-­enzymes as a health supplement for a hundred years.  RIN Enzyme, a 100% pure Phyto­- Enzyme from Japan, is extracted and fermented from an exclusive blend of 36 types of enzyme-rich food - vegetables, fruits, grains and seaweeds.
It is produced under a stringent bio-fermentation process using cultured probiotics to extract diverse enzymes with high potency and efficacy. RIN Enzyme, a highly potent Phyto-Enzyme, was clinically ana­lysed by Dr. Eguchi Fumio from TakasakiUniversity for its raw material components, manufactur­ing methods and disease preven­tion and treatment processes.
RIN Enzyme was also awarded a patent for its distinctive formula­tion and manufacturing process.
Serving consumers for over 45 years and across all continents, RIN Enzyme helps improve the health of people from all walks of life. RIN Enzyme also helps improve digestion and nutrient absorption, speed up recovery, promote energy and strengthen the body's immune system.
RIN Enzyme is suitable for people of all ages, especially:
. Vegans
. Elderly people
. People who are fond of meat and sweets, but eat hardly any vegetable .
. People who eat out frequently
. Heavy smokers and drinkers
. Obese and underweight people
. People with skin problems
 For details, call Care Mark CARE-Line at 1800 880 CARE (2273) or 03-61577288
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