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The Complete All Natural Colon Cleanser

14 Jul 2009
14/07/09 The Star
Colon cleanser is a cleanser most of us need. The latest estimates show that over 90% of diseases in America are related in some way to an unhealthy colon. Headaches, skin blemishes, senility, bad breath, fatigue, arthritis and heart disease can be linked to a congested and dirty colon. With growing awareness on the need to cleanse your colon, there is an emergence of products, each touting their merits.
Be careful that you are not buying a product that merely pushes the waste out and does nothing more for your colon. While it does leave your colon lighter, it does not fully cleanse your colon and hence, leaves you acceptable to health issues.
To do a complete colon cleanse, you only need to take New Morning FibreCleanse. It's that simple. FibreCleanse is a unique proprietary blend of high quality insoluble and soluble fibers and a synergistic blend of beneficial microflora (probiotics and prebiotics), chlorophyll and enzymes; all working in unison to effectively remove all plaques and waste, helping to maintain healthy colon hygiene & ecology and intestinal acid-alkaline balance.
I)  Soluble and insoluble fibers to effectively remove plaques and wastes FibreCleanse contains both soluble and insoluble fibers. The soluble fibers form a gel in the gastrointestinal tract by absorbing water. This gel-like bulk is useful in increasing the bulk, easing the bowel movement, soaking up toxins and residue, and loosening plaques build-up at the colon walls for easier elimination.
2)  Prebiotic & Probiotics to promote colon hygiene and fight harmful bacteria FibreCleanse contains a unique combination of several types of complementary friendly bacteria, L-Acidophilus, L-Bulgaricus, S-Thermophilus and B-Bifidum. These bacteria help to maintain proper colon acid-alkaline balance, promote proper colon hygiene and ecology, while fighting off virus, yeast and harmful bacteria from the intestinal tract.
3) Chlorophyll – Cleanses and flushes out heavy metal toxins to purify the intenal tract. FibreCleanse contains rich chlorophyll, which have powerful detoxification properties and supports the cleansing and purification of the colon. Chlorophyll, due to its unique "cracked-cell" wall, binds with heavy metals and flushes them out of the body to purify the intestinal tract.
4) Enzymes - To break down food and promote colon peristalsis. FibreCleanse contains natural source plant enzymes from a unique blend of over 30 fruits and vegetables concentrate. These enzymes increase the body's ability to break down food and promote colon peristalsis to support routine elimination.
New Morning FiberCleanse
Fibre Cleanse is 100% natural, contains no preservatives, sugar, starches, yeast, artificial flavouring and colouring agent and it is suitable for vegetarian. Just 1 sachet (l0g) a day for your optimal colon health. Start nurturing you colon today with New Morning FiberCleanse.
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