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Thorough internal cleansing

02 Jun 2009
2/06/09 The Star

Today, we are exposed to synthetic, often toxic chemicals on an unprecedented scale. Industrial chemicals and their pollutant run-offs in our water, additives, heavy metals, residues from drugs, antibiotics found in poultry, and pesticides ingested through food or air are trapped within the human body in greater concentration than we realize.
To clear the toxins, our bodies naturally detoxify every day. Detoxification is a normal body process of eliminating or neutral­ising toxins and ridding them from our body. Unfortunately, in today's world, our liver, which was once capable of cleaning out unwanted substances, is now completely overloaded; thus many unwanted substances stay in our tissues.
We depend on our liver. To a large extent, the liver determines the health of our entire body. It is a wonderful organ that excretes and detoxifies those toxins and unwanted substances that we encounter every day.
When the liver is unable to carry out its task to filter and excrete any toxins, we will experi­ence frequent headaches, abnor­mal body odour, bad breath or a coated tongue, food allergies, chronic constipation with intesti­nal bloating or gas, brittle nails and hair, bags under the eyes, unusually poor memory, chronic insomnia, chronic fatigue, liver spots on the skin, psoriasis and acne.
Chlorella, a 100% natural green food, is extensively used and is, in fact, the No.1 selling health food in Japan. It is estimated that over 10 million people around the world take Chlorella to cleanse and promote liver health.
Chlorella is a unique single ­celled fresh water green algae. Being a whole green-food, it contains a high concentration of chlorophyll, Chlorella Growth Factor, nucleic acids, amino acids, enzymes, vitamins and minerals.
In Japan, chlorella is largely used to detoxify or remove poisonous substances from the body. The powerful detoxification capability of Chlorella is due to its unique "cracked" cell wall, which has the ability to bind with heavy metals, pestici4es and carry these substances safely out of tbe body.
Several experiments have shown that Chlorella:
. Cleanses the liver of toxins, heavy metals and unwanted substances
. Stimulates a protective effect on the liver from toxic injury, as shown by its resistance to damage by toxins;
. Strengthens the functions of the liver to filter and remove toxins and unwanted substances;
. Aids the body in breaking down metallic toxins such as mercury, cadmium and lead;
. Increases the liver's ability to remove fungi, bacteria and poisons from the blood; and
. Nourishes the liver with the proper nutrients it requires.
Because Chlorella's molecules closely resemble red blood cell molecules, it is capable of stimulating the production of red blood cells. It also has the ability to cleanse stagnant blood and ensure that metabolic waste and toxins are effectively carried away from the tissues and out of the body.
Lifestream Chlorella helps by rebalancing and rejuvenating our bodies, and once that happens the energy level physically and psychologically rises, mental clarity is enhanced an focused, skin becomes clearer and more vibrant, texture and complexion is improved and creativity begins to expand.


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