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Calcium from plants

13 Oct 2009
13/10/09 The star
Calcium is an essential mineral the body needs. But we cannot produce calcium. This is why it's impor­tant to get enough calcium through the food we eat or through calcium supplementa­tion.
The amount of calcium your body obtains from various sup­plements depends on the amount of elemental calcium in the tablet or capsule. The amount of elemental calcium is the amount of calcium that actu­ally works in your body to maintain excellent bone health. It is essential that our body receives, absorbs and uti­lises the calcium that it is given. The best source of calcium is always found in natural sources.
Unfortunately, calcium is found in high quantities in a lim­ited number of foods. Most cal­cium supplements are mined from limestone quarries extracted from cow bones, seashells or created artificially. Food researchers and scientif­ic literature have long concluded that natural plant-based calcium is "the most suitable form of cal­cium for long-term use".
Lifestream Natural CAL is pro­duced from 100% natural and certified organic sea vegetable called Lithothamnium cal­careum which is found in the pure, pristine waters off the south-west coast of Ireland. In many clinical studies. The sea vegetable Lithothanium cal­cereum has demonstrated supe­rior bioavailability and absorb­ency, demonstrated by improved calcium absorbtion and increased bone mineral density.
The high bioavailability and absorbency of this sea-vegetable are due to three unique aspects:
1. This sea vegetable has remarkable calcium ionisation properties. As calcium is ingested the acid in the stomach begins to break down the calcium molecule into its atomic components known as calcium ions. The calcium ions pass through the intestinal tract into the bloodstream and into the bones.
The faster the calcium can obtain this ionic state, the faster it becomes available for absorption. It is important to ensure as much calcium is ionised before leaving the stomach so that it can be absorbed in the intestine. Otherwise the calcium will pass through the body un-digested and un-absorbed.    
This sea vegetable has a unique porous "honeycomb-like" structure which gives it five times the surface area of conventional calcium at the same particle size. Increased surface area means more reactive surfaces which allow faster calcium ionization.
2. It is also naturally made up of plant-based calcium with 80 other important co-factor minerals including magnesium. Selenium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, boron, iodine and other trace minerals.
These minerals work in synergy with natural calcium in a perfect natural mix to maximize the calcium absorption and increase the bone mineral density.
3. This sea-vegetable has the ability to suppress the parathyroid hormones (PTH). Calcium release from bones is regulated by the parathyroid hormones (PTH) produced by the parathyroid glands.
Increasing PTH concentration significantly induces the mobilisation of calcium from bones and this can lead to weaker and more fragile bones (osteoporosis). Human clinical studies conducted in 2004 and 2005 illustrated that Lithothamnium calcareum has the ability to suppress and regulate PTH activity.
Lifestream Organic Natural CAL is a totally vegetarian, dairy-free, genetically-modified free and animal by-product-free calcium supplement with no preservatives. It is strongly recommended for women over 35 and children.
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