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Multi-prong health remedy

12 Oct 2009
(12/10/09) The Star
Even with modern medical break, through some humble folk rem­edies manage to endure one of which is Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV). First used by Hippocrates as a curative tonic in 400BC, this nutrient-rich liquid has been pressed into service by everyone from Christopher Columbus (to ward off scurvy) to US soldiers in World War I (to disinfect battle wounds). Even today, scientists have begun tak­ing a fresh look at this inexpensive health item and uncovering the unexpected health benefits it provides.
This year, a team of Japanese research­ers observed that ACV's acetic acid switches on genes that are keys to the manufacture of fatty acid oxidation enzymes. These powerful enzymes act­ing as catalysts, were shown to boost metabolism, block the body's storage of incoming dietary fat, plus break down and dissolve existing body fat.
This discovery builds on a study at Australia's University of Sydney in which subjects who consumed two tablespoons of ACV daily experienced fewer surges and crashes in blood sugar levels and therefore ate 1,400 fewer calories per week than volunteers in the control group. One reason for this benefit is that ACV contains rich potassium. This alkalizing mineral has been shown to heighten cell sensitivity to glucose-regulating insulin.
To control weight and banish obesity, drink this fat flushing ACV three times daily. Mix two tablespoons of ACV with one to two tablespoons of raw honey in a glass of water. Also, the Diet Research Centre in England reported "better fat reducing and firming" with an Apple Cider Vinegar daily massage (mix three parts Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar to one part Bragg Organic Olive Oil) as it helps the body reduce fat. Staying slim is just the beginning.
ACV can promote younger looking skin in min­utes. The skin consists of microscopically small, flat scales that constantly flake off, thereby revealing the new skin beneath the outer, older layers of scales. In mil­lions of people, the old, tired, dead, dry outer scales do not peel off promptly, slowing new growth and leaving their skin looking dry, sallow, dull and lifeless.
Men and women can use ACV on their face and skin weekly for amazing results. First, wash the skin in warm water. Next, apply a hot water-soaked cloth to the face for three minutes, and then remove. Soak a piece of thin cotton cloth in warm dilut­ed ACV (one tablespoon ACV per cup of water) and apply again to the face. Cover the ACV-soaked cloth with a cotton towel wrung out in hot water and lie down for 10 minutes. Remove both cloths and gently rub skin upwards with a coarse towel. This rub removes the old, dry skin scales.
ACV also provides an array of health benefits when consumed internally. It is a well as bring down blood pressure where powerful cleansing and healing elixir, a naturally occurring antibiotic and antiseptic that fight germs, bacteria and viruses. Researchers at Massachusetts GeneralHospital in Boston found that ACV's stores of acetobactor (a beneficial microbe) bind to illness causing bacteria in the body and render them harmless. This can boost the body's defense against infections.
Furthermore, studies at UCLA in California and elsewhere show that ACV's abundant potassium and other nutrient scan reduce bloating by flushing retained water from tissues, help regulate woman's menstruation and relieve symptoms of Pre-Menstrual Syndrome. ACV also helps improve digestion and assimilation, remove toxins, flush out deposits that cause painful joint problems, keep blood in the right consistency and in low alkaline state as well as bring down blood pressure. For a longer, healthier and youthful life, nutrition expert Dr Anna Louise Gittleman recommends consuming two tablespoons a day of unfiltered, un-pasteurised ACV.
Certified Organic Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar is unfiltered, unheated, unpasteurised, and is made from the finest freshly crushed organically grown apples arid allowed to mature in wooden barrels which boost its natural fermentation qualities. Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar is rich in enzymes and potassium. Full of zesty natural goodness, it is one of nature's greatest aids to, health. It contains no artificial colouring, flavouring or preservatives.
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