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Spirits Bay: The Purest Honey

31 May 2009
31/05/09 The Star
IT'S known that the indigenous people of New Zealand have been using the Manuka tree for its curative properties to help treat ailments like open wounds, ulcers, gastritis and stomach aches. In 1982, Dr Peter Molan of University of Waikato discovered that certain strains of manuka honey possess natural antibiotic and antibacterial activities, not found in ordinary honey. He named this activity a "Unique Manuka Factor" or UMF. Since then, studies have been carried out to validate these long-held traditions.
 Spirits Bay Bioactive Manuka Honey is harvested from the unique Manuka bush, Leptospermum scoparium, found in the remote, isolated and protected Maori forest in the far north of NZ. These Maori forests are far from civilization, far from pollution and any other flowering plants that may dilute the honey's purity. This highly prized honey is not only rare but a challenge to harvest and produce. SpiritsBay Bioactive Manuka Honey is revered and recognised for its superior quality and honey purity. All SpiritsBay honeys are tested for its UMF by a certified laboratory using the testing method developed by Dr Molan. SpiritsBay Manuka Honey is so authentic and superior that Dr Molan uses it extensively for his clinical trials. Spirits Bay Bioactive Manuka honey has a range of therapeutic and healing properties.
It helps in:
I. Digestive care:
SpiritsBay's antibacterial property has been found to inhibit the growth of heli­cobacter pylori bacteria that causes most stomach ulcers, dys­pepsia, peptic ulcers, acid reflux and heartburn.
2. Wound care: Studies show that Spirits Bay Manuka honey provides an optimum, germ-free, moist, wound-healing environ­ment which supports and facili­tates the natural healing of vari­cose, skin ulcers, diabetic ulcers, pressure sores, wounds, burns, ecze­ma, psoriasis, boils, cracked skin, cuts and grazes. It speeds up the healing process and reduces scarring.
3. Effective against MRSA: Spirits Bay Manuka honey has been found to be effective against MRSA strains of bacteria which are notoriously resistant to antibiotics
4. Gastroenteritis therapy: SpiritsBay Manuka honey has been found to promote re-hydration of the body and causes the earlier clearing of diarrhea, vomiting and stomach upset.
5. Remedy for sore and tickly throats: Spirits Bay Manuka honey has been found effective to inhibit the streptococcus pyogenes bacteria that cause sore throat and tickly throat.
6. Energy replacement: significant for recovery from sports injuries.
7. Helps stimulate the immune system
8. Promotes healing and tissue growth.
Specializing in Manuka honey, SpiritsBay offers a comprehensive range of UMF honey to meet the health requirements of various consumers with a Unique Manuka Factor 10+, 16+, 20+ and 25+. The higher the UMF rating, the greater is the antibacterial and antibiotic strength of a honey.
The SpiritsBay beekeepers battle mountains and streams, the extreme elements of climate, and the unpredictable cycles of nature to bring back this pure elixir. SpiritsBay Bioactive Manuka Honey helps improves gastritis and heartburn, promote healing for open wounds and ulcers and stimulate the immune system.
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