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Calcium Boost For Every one

10 Aug 2009
10/08/09 The Star

DID you know 90% of bone mass is built during childhood? For children, calcium is needed abundantly. A child needs to get 1300mg of elemental cal­cium Ii'" day as compared to adult's require­ment of 1000mg. They need calcium to build strong healthy bones, to strengthen the skeletal as they grow and build strong healthy teeth and nails. Calcium iilso helps to promote physical and mental development.
For women, calcium is needed abundant­ly to support bone density and strength as they age. Calcium also helps women maintain their posture of the spine. Bone loss occurs as a part of the aging process, especially in post-menopausal women due to decreased amounts of estrogen. This can result in brittle or porous bones and osteoporosis.
Even though, calcium is one of the most essential minerals needed by our body but we cannot produce calcium on its own. That's why it's important to get enough cal­cium through the food we eat.
Lifestream Natural CAL is produced from 100% natural and certified organic sea­vegetable, called Uthothamnium cal­careum, found in the pure, pristine waters off the South West coast of Ireland. In many clinical studies, the sea-vegeta­ble Lithothanium calcereum has demon­strated superior bioavailability and absorb­ency; the high bioavailability and absorben­cy' of fthis sea-vegetable are,due to the following 3 unique aspects: Firstly this sea vegetable has a unique porous 'honeycomb-like' structure, which Lifestream Natural CAL is produced from 100% natural and certified organic sea­vegetable, called Lithothamnium calcareum gives it five times the surface area of con­ventional calcium at the same particle size. Increased surface area means more reac­tive surfaces, which allows faster calcium absorption.
Secondly, it is made up of plant-based calcium with 80 other importal1t co-factor minerals including magnesium, selenium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, boron, iodine and other trace minerals. 
Finally the vegetable has the ability to suppress the parathyroid hormones (PTH). Increasing PTH concentration significantly induces the mobilization of calcium from bones and this can lead to weaker and fragile bones
Lifestream Natural CAL is a totally vege­tarian, dairy and genetically modified free, It also animal by-product free calcium sup­plement with no artificial or added preserv­atives.
Lifestream Natural CAL is strongly rec­ommended for women over 35, pregnant and breastfeeding women. Growing chil­dren, teens and elderly also can consume among those who need to take
Lifestream Natural CAL include people who have a limited dairy food intake, athletes, smokers and those who drink excessively. Others who are having various calcium def­fiency problems also can consume the product.
Lifestream Natural CAL is made available in both vegetarian capsule and pure pow­der form. Vegetarian capsules are convenient and easy to take. If you do not prefer capsules for small children due to the choking haz­ard or elderly, Lifestream Natural CAL pow­der is recommended
For more product information, please call Customer CARE-line at 1800-880-CARE (2273) or Tel: 03-61577288.

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