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Healthy honey

16 Nov 2008
16/11/2008 The Star

PROFESSOR Peter Molan of University Waikoto's Honey Research Unit first discov­ered that certain strains of manuka honey have a unique and powerful anti­bacterial activity named Unique Manuka Factor (UMF).

UMF is an antibacterial property naturally present in some strains of Manuka honey. It is about the only standard used worldwide to identify and measure the antibacterial strength of a manuka honey. UMF is a guarantee that the honey has the special antibacterial property. This type of manu­ka honey is called UMF Manuka Honey.

The antibacterial strength of the UMF Manuka honey varies. A number that indi­cates the strength of the antibacterial property fol­lows the name UMF.

A UMF 10 rating is the minimum to qualify for the use of the name UMF and suitable for treating infections. The higher the UMF rating, the greater is the antibacterial strength of a honey.

Spirits Bay UMF Manuka honey has a range of therapeutic and healing properties. It can help in:

Digestive care:
Inhibits the growth of bacteria helicobacter pylori that causes most stomach ulcers, dyspepsia, peptic ulvers, acid reflux and heartburn.

Wound care:
Provides an optimum, germ-free, moist, wound-healing environment, which sup­ports and facilitates natural healing.

Gastroenteritis treatment:
Promotes re-hydration of the body and causes the earlier clear­ing of diarhoea, vomiting and stomach upset.

Treatment for sore and tickly throats:
Inhibits the bacteria streptococcus pyo-genes that causes sore throat and tickly throat.

Energy replacement:
Particularly significant for recovery from sports injuries.

Spirits Bay offers a com­prehensive range of UMF-cer-tified Manuka Honey.

It is so reliably authentic that Prof Molan uses Spirits Bay for his clinical trials as Spirits Bay is among the pur­est and most bioactive UMF Manuka honey.

Insist on only the UMF-cer-tified Spirits Bay Manuka Honey and experience its unique and powerful healing abilities for yourselves.

For more information, call CareMark Sdn Bhd's customer service at 1800-880-CARE(2273) or 03-6157 7288.

How to tell if your UMF Manuka honey is genuine:

1. The UMF trademark must be stated only on the front label to guarantee the honey has this special property.

2. Only licensed producers who must meet set criteria are allowed to use the UMF trademark and are given a license number, which must be stated on the label. Spirits Bay owns the licence no. 1039. A list of licensed companies can be found on

3. UMF Manuka Honey must be imported in finished product from New Zealand, which bears the barcode 942 xxx xx.
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