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Nourish Your Life

30 Nov 2008
30/11/2008 The Star
DID you know that the lifestyle you're leading is probably very much reflected in your health?

Maintaining a hectic work schedule combined with late nights out and a poor diet often lead to a loss in precious enzymes in our body. A body deficient in enzymes is vulnerable to free radicals attack, leading to cellular damage, organ dysfunction, weak immunity and resist­ance, indigestion and a slow metabolism.

The most common symptoms of enzyme deficiency are indiges­tion, lethargy, fatigue, poor appetite, backache, shoulder soreness, dys-phoria, insomnia, inabili­ty to concentrate, joint pain, weak resistance, bad breath and emotion­al anxiety.

There are basically two ways to increase our enzyme intake. The first is to eat lots of fresh food. Since most cooking methods have a tenden­cy to kill off enzymes or render them inert, raw fruits and vegetables are the best sources of enzymes.

The second way to boost enzyme intake is through consuming enzyme supplements, clearly the most effective way to nurture your body back to health.

RIN Enzyme, a premium plant enzyme from Japan, is produced via biological fer­mentation technique, which is free from artificial chemicals. It is effective to improve our health through the following enzymatic functions:

  • Enhances food digestion and nutrients absorption to replenish nutrients and alleviate fatigue
  • Increases vitality to get rid of slug­gishness, alleviate muscle and shoulder soreness and backache
  • Promotes quality sleep, overcome insomnia
  • Eliminates metabolic waste in blood, disintegrates virus, cholesterol and uric acid in acidic blood
  • Maintains blood in low alkaline level for smoother blood circulation
  • Maintains the balance of intestinal flora
  • Strengthens white blood cells, hence increases body immunity
  • Helps normalise hor­monal balance and maintain equilibrium in the body generally
  • Improves skin com­plexion and texture, pro­motes hair growth and promotes weight loss

Just 20ml of Rin Enzyme a day helps enhance digestion and nutrient absorption, pro­mote metabolism, increase body immunity, reduce blood acidity, normalise hormones, improve skin complexion, assist weight loss and promote general well-being.

RIN ENZYME is a 100% natural, pure and mild daily enzyme drink with no alco­hol and preservatives.

It is suitable for everyone, especially vegans and the elderly, of all ages and body constitution.

For more product information, call CareMark Sdn Bhd at.03-61577288 or toll free at 1800-880 CARE (2273).
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